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Art of Gaming News #1

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                                                                                                      Hello, dear Community

What is Art of Gaming actually?

We are a Multigaming clan in Multi Theft Auto (MTA) and support Destruction Derby, Shooter and DM Gamemodes.
the clan was opened in 24. 12 Successfully again by [ArG]Nindix
We would like to try something new in the Multi Theft Auto Community to bulding.
We will try to plan events regularly to make it possible for you to have more fun to playing.
so we would be happy if you would continue to follow us.

Which places are available?


Currently we are still looking for members and leaders for Shooter and DM.
you should be aware that your knowledge of English should be available
and you should also have a certain maturity and not and not have behaved childishly
if you bring that with you and want to be a part of our clan then appy now!

and we're still looking for news writers.
we are still looking for scripters and designers to help us build a good server
If we have aroused your interest now then please contact us via Skype or PM
Skype: Nindix.mta


Who's in the clan right now and what squad?


First of all I would like to welcome our new DD Manager


and also a welcome to our Main DD Squad






as already mentioned above we don't have a Shooter or Dm Squad yet but the Join Rquest is open!.


What is planned and what is to come here?


We will continue to provide fun on our forum and also for our Community always be there
first of all we would like to build a small community and a good team for ourselves and we are currently planning a tournament in Shooter/DM/DD
and we have also planned to build a server with DD/DM/SH after a certain time.
and we will still offer Clanwar and Trainings Server for DD/SH/DM.

Very big thanks goes to [ArG]Xeirnn that he has made us this great forum and continues to work on new updates to offer you a professional forum.

I would like to apologize for any inconvenience if something is not understood as this is the first time I write on English News.


 Best wishes, Art of Gaming Administration.

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