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Art of Gaming - Join Requests and Roster Changes.

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Dear Art of Gaming community,

Finally we will talk about Art of Gaming community and we will start with the first part of our series. This number is the beginning of everything beautiful, wonderful and great. It's pleasure for me that i can write this. I am trying to do my best to satisfy you. Also i do appreciate those people who are here with us from the beginning . 

We have 176 members already registered. Our new goal is 200. I am really happy you are here with us and support us. Okay, I know it's time wasting ot write these things so in my opinion I don't have to waste other's time, let's get down into the interesting things.

Join Requests

We appreciate people who are trying to join us and show us their efforts, Our team couldn't exist without having apllicants because we couldn't update the squads and it would be boring. The number of the members has been changed. Sadly, some members left but here come the new trials/members who have brought freshness to the team. There are members who decided to leave our clan. Some members decided to leave because they to go for inactivity and they did not want to be a useless members of the community, hope someday we will meet them again. We wish the best for him @MoXdder he has been demoted to co-leader due to his inactivity, @flacko7 has been demoted to Clan Manager! thanks for your investment in ArG! your works and dead will not be forgotten and good luck!

I would like to congrulate the following members:

@TR0YB0!005 - a skilled DM player from Israel His previous clans didn't explain he is a very good player. As soon as i saw his skills i decided to accept him because he is not just pro but kind. Welcome here, Troyboi!

@Swaziner - He is skilled in DM , he proved us he is not that noob player, he is a vauable player for ArG, We wish the best also welcome here, Swaznier!

@Risky - Such an good DM player. Skilled designer, btw we're waiting our new LOGO!

@Hammer - One of our best friends, he got accepted because of his activity and skills , we are proud to get him in our clan!

@xFrox - Can't stop inviting skilled players ha? Another really skilled player from Algeria. We are waiting so much from him!

@THUNDER^ - he is really cool and skilled guy. We are also waiting much for him too!

@Twistty - He is really vulnerable player for us because of his personality and his skills. We are sure he will make us get better winning more matches! 

@Roach - Another skilled player and good person. We are sure his work will bring us one step closer to being succes in-game!

@keevonze -  A very friendly and skilled individual from Egypt! he's also one of my friends and i give him a warm welcome into the clan! Great to have you here Keevonze!

@Kenny - He got accepted for his activity and skills. Welcome here Kenny!

Promotions and Demotions

@Santifico have been promoted to FDD Leader! Congratulations!

@Oleg have been promoted to DM Leader! Congratulations!

@TR0YB0!005 have been promoted to DM Co-leader! Congratlations!

@MoXdder have been demoted from Leader position to Co-Leader position due to his inactivity.

@Roach & @Twistty and @Kenny have passed their trial period! Congratulations!

 @Wave69 have passed his trial period and he is promoted to Co-leader of FDD squad!Congratulations!

@Alarm~ have passed his trial period and promoted to Squad Manager (FDD squad) Congratulations!

@keevonze have been promoted to co-leader (Shooter squad) Congratulations!

Members which left :



[ArG] PunK

[ArG] Savage

[ArG] J3reakdalaw

We are sad to see tem leaving from our clan. We wish them good luck in their future.

That is it for today, WE will come back with another news when we have important things to post. Until that time

Kind regards,

Art of Gaming Leadership!

Edited by Oleg
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UPDATED 03/02/2019

@keevonze have been promoted to co-leader (Shooter squad)

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