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  1. X&N

    Pew#'s Rjr // Shooter

  2. X&N

    Lobby script by #FlagZ

    Thread closed. I dont want to see any fight here.
  3. X&N

    FlagZ's RJR [FDD]

    We see , How did you develop. Nevermind. Don't try to join for developing.
  4. X&N

    Lobby script by #FlagZ

    OH REALLY?? Fuck of , Why all guys taking script from net directly
  5. X&N

    Lobby script by #FlagZ

    First of all, if you need to give suggestions about this script, you can start by changing the background because players are more likely to focus on game modes rather than backgrounds. Also, I'm guessing the bottom side looks like a slider. Add a black screen behind the slider, look for something simpler and more interesting about font. Delete this mathematic icons "+". It will be better than current.
  6. X&N

    3Z1Z join request [DD]

    Don't need to write new request. Contact him or Write Clan Leaders Dont Open Again. Closed
  7. X&N


    I warn you for useless reports.By the way I dont want to warn you again. Use correct format next time. LOCKED.
  8. X&N

    Chatbox Rules.

    * Spamming. ►Don't spam the chatbox. Spamming includes posting excessive amounts of smilies, excessive amounts of pictures or simply posting over and over again when the chatbox is inactive, among other things - You might get a warning or banned for a day. * Advertising a forum. ► Want to Advertise a Forum PM an Admin. Posting on the Chat will be a Permanent Ban * Advertising a website (Giving a link without a good reason is not allowed) ► Ban from the ChatBox, the duration will be chosen by the moderator.. * Threats. ► Permanent ban from the CB, and member warned, or banned from the forum depending on the severity of the charges *Use English. ► Since the forum itself is in English. and it's best for everyone to understand you.(Who speak English. As we can't check what you say, this represents a potential risk for us. ► No porn, no links to porns, no hentai, no links to hentai. Don't be dirty. ► No personal attacks on any users. *Fighting. Useless arguments will not be tolerated. If you want to argue with each other, take it somewhere else. MSN messenger, AIM, email, I don't care. Not on the chatbox, not on my site, or anywhere where the public can see. Remember that this chatbox is viewable to all members. Not everyone cares to know your business. If an admin is telling you to stop, or that you are breaking a rule, don't argue with them. If you feel the admin is being unjustifiable, or unfair, talk to another admin to analyze the situation from an unbiased point of view. ►Do not bring up politics, religion or illegal activities like piracy, drugs, hacking, etc. Breaking this rule might get you banned from the chatbox AND the site (Temporarily or Permanently). Best regards, Art of Gaming community.
  9. X&N

    Swaziner [new] DM JR

    Changed Format and Please edit write again with these questions. Best regards, Art of Gaming community
  10. X&N

    Art Of Gaming News #2

    Good job mate , You re good.
  11. X&N

    Mention Game

    I got @cancer# because This weird content.
  12. X&N

    Letter Games

  13. X&N

    Letter Games