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  1. Messi

    Sadly Our Leaving

    Closed. Ready is the new leadership of FDD!
  2. Messi

    Sadly Our Leaving

    You arent promoted to choose the new leader for FDD. anyways gl.
  3. Messi

    Lights scripts by #FlagZ

    Nice dreams buddy
  4. Messi

    Lobby script by #FlagZ Better luck next time!
  5. Messi

    FlagZ's Re-JoinReqest

    Use the new join request format Here I will give you a chance to re make a JR. Closed.
  6. Messi


    Use to format of Join Request. Closed!
  7. Messi

    Czentovic's JR

    Closed. due inactivate user.
  8. Nice Join Request bro, Goodluck @cancer# I hope your skills is good too!
  9. Messi

    [ Shooter sLm ] request

    Closed JR. You need to talk more about yourself or ur story in MTA, Next time try to add more, And use the new JR template!
  10. Messi

    Fake's Join Request

    Accepted as a designer for now, Will be tested as a developer, And to see what kind of mods/scripts you maked or what can you make. Closed.
  11. Messi

    Art of Gaming - Forum Rules

    Moved to rules area.