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    Sadly Our Leaving

    Well you should have created a section for leaving but i will announce it here anyways will sadly Me and Wave will leave ArG and we already took decision about who's going to lead will we would like to continue our mta career we werent any of them clanhoppers we tried to work hard for the squad and we wish the best for ArG and FDD squad in the future it was our decision because we want to continue our mta career and mta exprience and we will be happy to see the clan growing up :) for who's going to lead we are going to say a big congratulations to @Alarm~ because we chose him as the new leader and he will choose who to co lead i believe he can be good and i trust him We Wish You The Best Regards Wave&Santifico
  2. Santifico

    FlagZ's RJR [FDD]

    I dont understand what squad are you currently joining but +
  3. Santifico

    Lobby script by #FlagZ

    Stop talking on other people's mouth :)))))))) also remove his clan tag @X&N
  4. Santifico

    Lights scripts by #FlagZ

    these are some goodies i say
  5. Santifico

    FDD join request (moasahnear)

    As decision taken your request has been #DECLINED Reason : Bad English , Poor Join Request You are allowed to try again after two weeks Regards Wave&Santifico.
  6. Santifico


    Use the correct format
  7. Santifico

    BOSS's Join Request [FDD]

    After talking to wave and testing you we decided that #ACCEPTED Welcome ! Trial Two Weeks Regards Santifico&Wave
  8. Santifico

    Twistty TV XD

    Born To Be Waxy XD
  9. Santifico


    Eh well your english is good and also we were with each other in clans before and i got to say you are not that bad #ACCEPTED Trial 1 Week
  10. Santifico

    3Z1Z join request [DD]

    No your english is shit and you dont show enough effort in any of your jr's
  11. Santifico

    ||||||| Timor FDD |||||| Request

    hmm well there is many things to complain about but i hope that you improve your english its not that bad its decent but needs some improvments well #ACCEPTED Trial 1 Week
  12. Santifico


    Use The Correct Format @cancer#
  13. Santifico

    xFrox's Join Request

    #ACCEPTED Trial 2 Weeks Welcome!
  14. Santifico

    Fake's Join Request

    Gl +1
  15. Santifico

    keevonze's Join Request

    -1 i still remember you ;)
  16. Santifico

    Thunder's Join Request [FDD]

    #ACCEPTED Trial 1 Week Welcome !
  17. Santifico


    #DECLINED Please fix your english google translation will do nothing better
  18. Santifico

    Rami's jr

    Eh without votes i can rely on you you'r english is decent and i have never seen anything bad from you and i already know your acts so #ACCEPTED Trial 1 Week
  19. Santifico

    AZIZ aka 3Z1Z join request [FDD]

    #ACCEPTED Trial 1 Week try to work a bit on your english thats it
  20. Santifico

    Wave's RJR// FDD SQUAD

  21. What's your name(s), age and location?: My name is mohab my nick name is ayano or santifico i am 16 years old from the capital of egypt (cairo) How long have you played MTA: SA?: Will i can consider you are talking about my mta career so i wont take that much of your time if you ever read it i started like not much time ago 2 years ago so i will go straight to when i found racing servers when i found greengaming it was the best racing server in my opinion time by time it started being dead and i moved to a server i found called -ffs- for fuck sake gaming from there i found friends had fun then we will go to were i found 3R 3literacers i had fun i saw nice great people i really had fun and people pushed my to do a join request so i did and that was my lucky one were i got accepted for the first time i was happy but that was my first time using an admin panel or being an admin so shit happened and i got kicked so i said fuck it i will move to new starting clans so i moved to a clan called sL i had fun and made friends it was shit overall moving on i joined 3R again with one of my bestfriends Omar Shit happened and litteraly i got kicked for no reason so fuck it here i am joining another clan :D Have you been in any other clans (if yes, name them)?: Yes 3R (Kicked) (Member) sL (Left) (Cw Manager) sL (Left+Closed) (FDD Leader) 3R (Kicked) (Member) Why do you want to join Art of Gaming?: I am looking forward to joining this clan because i am amazed of how great it is Already had a desicion that i want to join the clan to be honest Additional information (optional): Best Regards Ayano Aka Santifico.