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    What's your name(s), age and location?: My Name is Zeyad , My Nickname(s) Hammer & SkyDevil , I'm 15 Years Old and I'm From Egypt How long have you played MTA: SA?: 4 years , i can talk about the best what happened to me and I can tell some from MTA Career , ok lets start at first I started playing MTA With My Friend at 2016 I started by playing with him zombie servers etc. and I played too race server I played all of the game modes ( RPG , RACE , Zombies ,FreeRoam ) I was playing a lot that I was not leaving the pc for 1 min. I played MTA for a long time as this 3 years or 4 that I played in MTA I played a lot that I have joined Multi Game Mode Server (3R) I played it for 3 Years that I was don't know anything about (Multi Game Mode Servers) I never played FFS Gamin cause it's a shitty server as I see it it's like a shit but I played 3R as I see it it's a good server and I continued all of my MTA career in it I started learning Derby I played it a lot as I was playing a lot of pvps for DD and I was getting better in it that I was don't know anything that called (clanwar) or anything from that I got some experience and i was playing Old school for a long time and fun game mode is too easy and wheni played Shooter game mode I left the derby but I still playing it a little bit but I continued in the Shooter Game mode I played it and I was getting better I was getting skills and I was getting better and I got a lot of experience what mean shooter and everything in MTA I played Old School and Death Match I found it that that's playing it you must know the whole map and you must have skills in it was good in old school but in Death Match was so hard I joined a lot of official clans and I was growing it up but at last it get closed I lose my time and I waste it that I joined about 10 or 11 clans by wasting my time on them I can't remember all of it but I will list some from them I can talk about a clan of Spiritual Legends this clan I know it was a shitty clan and it was getting random invites and when I joined I was not happy at first in it but i was having a nice time with the members and the community that we got donators and a lot of people knows us and at last i wasted my time again but i felt that i did a good thing that i continued to the last and i didn't give up with that clan. all i want to say my MTA career is too big but i cant tell all of it there is my friends can know my MTA career that they are my friends from 3 years and 4. i learned a lot and i got a lot of experience in everything in MTA. Have you been in any other clans (if yes, name them)?: Tag Clan Name Position left / Kicked / closed 3R 3liteRacers // Shooter // FDD Member Kicked iE Infernal Edge Member Closed fts- fuckthesystem Member Closed mP masterPlayers Member Left uK unknownKillers Founder Closed sL Spiritual Legends Founder / Leader Closed Which team you want to join? ArG? Why do you want to join Art of Gaming?: i can help the community i can take care from server i can - my activate i can help in clan wars - i can help with my experiences that i had and help in clan wars DD // Shooter Additional information (optional): No GTFO