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    good luck!
  2. Title: Nickname's Join Request TroyBo!'s Join Request [ Shooter ] What's your name(s), age and location?: Hello, My real name is Mohammed, Also known as TroyBo!,I was born in the 12th of June 2006, Im 11 years old joining 12, i'm from Israel, I was born in a city called Nazareth, But now im currently living in a small Village called " Ber-Al Maksur - Mukman ", My favorite hobby is swimming. How long have you played MTA: SA?: I don't know from where i should start, Okey, I started to play this game since 2013, I started to play in Freeroam server, FaF & Tokyo Drift and etc..., Days on, I got bored from these servers, and i decide to move to another server, then i moved to -ffs- [For Fuck Sake], I started to play in the " PTP ", Day by day, Also i got bored from it, then i moved to the Shooter gamemode, I felt happy because of the new gamemode, I started to play Beta, I was such a newbie, I didn't know how to shooter and etc..., days on, i learnd some, i became good, months ago, i became a pro at shooter, And then i decide to move to the DM [DeathMatch], I was camping always to get a win & pints , One day i tried to play well, But useless.. Then i started to train hard, day by day, Im getting better and better, after months, i became a real dm'er, Then my cousin told my brother about server called 3R [3liteRacers], And then i got banned from -ffs- because of sharing accs with my cousins & brother, And then i moved to 3R, And i learnd about dm more and more and more, then i moved to US|' after months i left and moved to aQ and im clan less for a long time. and im very well on Shooter i got so much skills and @cancer# is my friend he knows me 😛 Have you been in any other clans (if yes, name them)?: 3R - 3liteRacers - DM - Left - Problems with the leader and many more but i dont remember. Which team you want to join? Shooter Why do you want to join Art of Gaming?: i see it's very well clan and i liked it too much 😄 and i can help Shooter squad And Dm too but i want to join to sh Additional information (optional): nothing you can contact on me with skype : sti.hoje12 Discord too : Disaster#3476 -TroyBo!005