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  2. Title: Thunder's Join Request [FDD] What's your name(s), age and location?: My name is Mohamed and Thunder^ in game, Thirteen and a nine months , Cairo Egypt How long have you played MTA: SA?: End of 2014 i installed MTA then i played role-play like for two months and friend of mine told me about Race Mod i started playing shooter and derby in W.M (Wzarh Magnen) server i liked derby more than shooter then me and my friend looked for another server we found FFS played also shooter , derby and Race i didn't like DM because it was hard. We looked for another we found W.T (Wnash Time) we played in there for two years we made friends there so we got bored from shooter and derby so we searched for a nice server with good Mods and good players and admins we found 3R (3ilte Racers ) and played in it until now and i got some friends admins and players . Have you been in any other clans (if yes, name them)?: Yes, mK (mercenary Killerz) Admin (closed) W.G (Wzarh Magnen) Super Moderator (closed) ZF (ZERO FEAR) Super Moderator Which team you want to join? FDD Why do you want to join Art of Gaming?: Because i gave MTA most my time in playing and learning FDD and having fun playing with my friends.The main reason why i want to join because i love the good community and be helpful with the players and trying as much as possible to be on the rules with players to try to make the server higher. BEST WISHES TO MAKE THE SERVER THE BEST THANKS FOR READING MY FORUM🤩