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    Swaziner [new] DM JR

    Your name, nickname, age and place: Step Swazi descends nickname ahmet, 17 years old, I live in Turkey. I've been playing 3r shooter for 4 years and I'm playing dm 8h or 12h full day 3r on my server What are the most important parts of your MTA career: The most important part of my Mta career is sh / DM sh I have 8 hours and 12 hours DM maps (tt) I have developed more than myself every day I've been playing MTA for 7 years. / BHD I saw the shooter and the server fell down and started playing with the 3R and I started playing the shooter, and I became a good player in the two game modes at DM and I was asked to join 3r and soon the DM staff was accepted and the clan stopped within 1 year. after 3r kicked clan . I started looking for a new clan and met ARG, I didn't have the chance to give up because I didn't give up so I could meet everything. you can ask me what @cancer#and how it is and @TR0YB0!005 how I know how I play Have you joined other clans (if any, name them): 3R 3liteRacers DM (kick) teamınside3 uk / UnknowKillers How can you help us? - I'm good with the actors. - The clan can do more than that. What are your goals as an ARG member? - My goals make the clan better, - I can help other players. - I can support you at ClanWar. Skype; swaziner03 The old nick "nAki Ryaziek
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    personally I can tell!