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    good but improve your english ensha2 allah accepted
  2. What's your nickname(s), age and Location?: My name is Timoooor . 15. Egypt . cairo. How long you've been in MTA?: (Tell us your story, we prefer a slightly larger and more detailed text.) i started playing mta 2015 by playing the shooter and then the fun and i liked the shooter then quit and now i went back to 3R. Have you been in any clans?: (Name them and mention the reasons you left.) Expens|sh { left } Why you'd like to join Art of Gaming?: (Tell us few reasons why you want to join us.) i want to join this clan to help everyone and raise the head of the Clans How can you help our community?: (Self-explanatory.) I Will Be Helpful To My Commuinty and I Will Offer The Best I Got And I Wont Let You Down i will help in clanwars What gamemode do you prefer?: (DM / DD / Shooter / etc.) Shooter ,,, fun. How can we contact you?: (Skype, Discord , facebook.) i will make them sooon . Additional information : thank u for reading .. my name in the server = aBo'TrEka