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  1. Nindix

    XENO's Rejoin Request

    Neutral Good luck @cancer# @Messi @X&N
  2. Nindix

    Pew#'s Rjr // Shooter

    i know about ur behavior and skills +1 gl @cancer# @Hammer @LiOn @keevonze @X&N @Oleg @MoXdder @#BYX321 @zKangry
  3. Welcome everyone! Before writing an Join Request you should be aware that there are certain requirements you should follow in order to be accepted Requirments : Don't use a translator in your Join Request we'll notice that, english is one of the most important things in our clan. One of the other most important things is loyality, we are a family and we will always stay together. If you try to push your Join Request you will be declined immediately, we will not tolerate such things here. Patience is very important, it can always take a while until we accept new recruits, so please be patient and don't ask every daywhen the new recruits will be accepted.If you write your Join Request u must use this format, otherwise you may be declined. Format : What's your nickname(s), age and Location?: How long you've been in MTA?: (Tell us your story, we prefer a slightly larger and more detailed text.) Have you been in any clans?: (Name them and mention the reasons you left.) Why you'd like to join Art of Gaming?: (Tell us few reasons why you want to join us.) How can you help our community?: (Self-explanatory.) What gamemode do you prefer?: (DM / DD / Shooter / etc.) How can we contact you?: (Skype, Discord , facebook.) Additional information : (Add something here that u think will be useful to help us to decide for you.) Once your application is posted it can always take a certain amount of time until votes start to accept new members, which means that some may wait longer than others. Best regards, Art of Gaming community!
  4. Nindix

    BYX321 [SH] JR.

    nice to read ur apply, good luck
  5. Nindix

    Lobby script by #FlagZ

    that's calling mta 2019 :)
  6. Nindix

    Lobby script by #FlagZ

    @X&N idk why you talking to much about it, that script its just donwload from google gg
  7. Nindix

    FlagZ's Re-JoinReqest

    Actually funny to see you again here 😄 Neutral Best wishes
  8. Nindix

    Fake's Join Request

    @Messi @X&N @cancer# at the moment I am neutral Good luck!
  9. Nindix


  10. Nindix

    Letter Games

  11. Nindix

    Letter Games

  12. Very gud Jr haha Anyway we already talked about it Welcome and of course accepted Best wishes Alex
  13. Nindix


    no comment... - @Santifico
  14. Nindix

    Alan join requests Shooter

    i can only agree sry m8
  15. Nindix

    Oleg's Join Request!

    Good luck! Best wishes Alex