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Hey All Art Of Gaming We glad to announce you there isn't Art of Gaming anymore... We will never again see the [ArG] tag in our members' nicknames. As i said "not anymore Art of Gaming", but there is the new Aevum hah, after a lots of days thinking about renamimg the clan, we accepted it, and few days more thinking about the new name, we decided to be Aevum. Maybe a lot of you will be interested what means "Aevum", so it's like the feel when you are between the time and eternity. Yeah it's really strange name but there is hiding one deep meaning under this especially for our community. We just decided to "refresh" our community and rename it. Yeah, we really had a positive and negative moments and memories in [ArG], that's why we want to start on new solid with much more proffesionalism and loyalism.

But only the name has been changed.Very soon our brand new forum will be published officialy.I wish are going to raise our loyalty and strongness between our community and You "users, visitors, followers and etc". There are much more big updates following in future but I don't want to spoil that much. Then eventually there will be some events which will be surprise for you. Stay tune for the new updates, events, features and few more new additions.


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